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Maturity model

Wine gets better when it matures. Teams and companies, too.

In the next few years, we will experience an unprecedented wave of innovation and disruption. How can we humans cope with this complexity? We have an answer: competence development and the maturity model.

The maturity model enables customized further development opportunities for people and teams. The possible applications are manifold:

  • Accompaniment of agile transformations - a meaningful step once the collective mindset has taken a leap
  • Structured team development - well-founded and collectively accepted
  • Accompaniment of leadership developments - effective further development, in a personally meaningful direction
  • Job placements/choice of roles - matching the requirements with the action logic of the candidates
  • Coaching of executives and key personnel - ego-development provides exciting perspectives and development impulses

We are partners of Key Steps and certified Ego-Development consultants.