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Positive Offers

Positive performance

Positive Performance is an innovative and proven path to success.

Exclusive seminar offers

Benefit from our experience - now also in the form of exclusive seminar offers.

Südsteiermark Weingarten

Stage development

In the next few years, we will experience an unprecedented wave of innovation and disruption. How can we humans cope with this complexity? The answer is competence development and related to the Maturity Model.

Positive change management

Change is pain. At the same time, change is the only constant and thus part of everyday professional life.

Abendstimmung am Berg

Positive leadership development

Proven leadership models and personal strategies are less and less effective in times of digitalization and transformation. Leadership must be reinvented.

Strategic management

Realignment, organizational changes, vision and mission statement development, new goals - strategy is everywhere and at all times.

Positive team development

The world is changing - and with it, the people. What was considered normal yesterday is being challenged today.

Performance Management

Taking new paths in performance management


Positive coaching

Professional academic business coaching for individuals and teams.


Baum in der Wiese

Positive distribution

The empty, poor-quality advertising bubbles are bursting. Rightly so! The demand for valuable products and services is rising. This should be accompanied by a valuable sales process. We call it: Positive selling.

Positivity in tourism and the hotel industry

HIKINGDAYS makes hotels and tourism businesses more successful. Through the purposeful usage of positivity, enthusiasm and joy, your guests will be amazed.