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Positive Dynamic Project Management

Classic project management is already well established in many companies for the implementation of change processes. In many projects, however, it is increasingly important to react flexibly to constantly changing conditions due to the high complexity and duration. The classic project organization often reaches its limits in this respect.

Your benefit

Positive Dynamic Project Management - PDPM for short - makes employees and companies more successful. It is your ticket to a new future-oriented working world and strengthens the company from the inside. The key to this innovative method, to implement agile and classic projects, is a mindset change that enables an inspiring project culture.

Our approach and path

PDPM is the combination of a hybrid framework and Positive Performance, which has already been applied very successfully in corporate practice:

  • It enhances the classic project structure with agile methods and makes it more effective
  • It enables a variety of flexible ways of working in new projects or teams
  • It forces a self-responsible and dynamic way of working on an individual level as well as in the team.

In addition, PDPM is used to manage programs and to sharpen and execute project portfolio management.

A positive dynamic way of working is characterized by:

  • full customer orientation
  • self-responsible work
  • positive self-orientation
  • positive team orientation
  • establishment of a learning organization
  • focus on the company's goals

Compact Full-Day Training:

New tools for establishing a hybrid project organization are learned in a full-day compact training. Inputs on Positive Performance promote the development of an agile mindset as a basic foundation for personal and corporate success. Participants can implement these tools and methods directly in their own company.