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Information obligation according to § 5 Abs.1 E-Commerce-law & legal notice

Legal form: Limited liability company
Company register number: 504364m
Address: 1130 Vienna, Wattmanngasse 23B/7A
GLN: 9110027117917

COMMERCIAL LIABILITY (Type of business: regulated trade)
Business consulting including business organization

Origin: 24.02.2019
Municipality: Vienna
Address: 1130 Vienna, Wattmanngasse 23/B

BUSINESS MANAGER (under trade law).
Title presented: Mag.rer.soc.oec.
Surname: Kaltenbrunner
First name: Robert


Principal under data protection law:
Jaro Raiser
1130 Vienna
Tax number: 299/2678

Editorial office:
1130 Vienna

Web design, programming:
WebQuadrat Vienna

Photo shoot:
Mathias Moosbacher

Place of production and publication: Vienna
Service provider in the sense of the DSG: Jaro Raiser

Legal notice

The content of is for private information use only.
The operators of cannot be held responsible in any way - directly or indirectly - for any damage or inconvenience caused by the use or misuse of the information provided.
Jaro Raiser has the copyright on all texts on this website as well as on the texts sent to the e-mail discussion list. The material may not be copied, sold, loaned or otherwise reproduced without the express written permission of Jaro Raiser.
Users may print the material for personal, non-commercial use only under the following conditions:
1. That the documents remain complete and unaltered.
2. that no payment is taken for private lending of the material.
3. that the copyrights and the name of Jaro Raiser, are fully acknowledged as the source and the legal information is attached.
The operators of are not responsible for the content of the open, interactive discussion list. Because this is an open area, it is impossible to have control over the opinions presented there.
We reserve the right to remove material/postings that are deemed inappropriate: Repulsive, offensive, sexist, discriminatory, unlawful, inciting or contributing to a criminal offense, or other content that is inconsistent with morality and ethics.
We encourage users to notify us if they find any content inappropriate or incorrect.