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New Work

The concepts of classic work and hierarchies are increasingly reaching their limits. The past goal of "stability" does not meet the requirements of the present "agility". New Work, Scrum, Holacracy are some buzzwords that promise solutions. However, many agile concepts fail because of the attitude, the mindset of the employees and the managers.

How do you get your employees to take on more responsibility, work more independently or think more entrepreneurially?

In order to be successful in the future, you need motivated, creative employees who experience meaning and work in a self-determined manner, because: Efficiency was yesterday - innovation is the decisive competitive advantage today!

Your benefit

HIKINGDAYS New Work offers your company an individual organizational model adapted to the respective needs, which integrates existing concepts such as Scrum or Holacracy or also incorporates completely new forms of agile organization.

A radical customer orientation and personal responsibility, a positive self and team orientation, the establishment of a learning organization and the focus on business goals characterize our positive dynamic way of working.

Our approach and path

HIKINGDAYS Positive Performance is the basis and companion of New Work concepts. It prepares people and organizations for concepts of the future.

The secret of Positive Performance is the perception and encouragement of positive elements in the company. It is a unique leadership path, which enables high performance of each individual, teams and the entire company through positive communication, enthusiasm, focus on strengths, attractive goals and a sense of purpose.

Half-day impulse workshop

In our half-day impulse workshop, we will playfully dive into a new, positive and dynamic world together! The focus is on a joint exchange and a knowledge transfer on concepts for the agile organization of tomorrow. Participants will get to know tools and methods of Positive Performance and will be able to apply them directly to their own companies.

HIKINGDAYS New Work is individual and not a concept - certainly not for the entire organization. We recommend a step-by-step introduction in a sensible measure with clear structures and a strict framework.