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Exclusive seminar offers

Benefit from our experience - now also in the form of exclusive seminar offers.

Positive Mindset

1- or 2-day workshops for employees at all levels

A positive mindset is the basis for positive communication, constructive cooperation and commitment in change processes. With short theoretical inputs on positive psychology and many practical exercises, this mindset is conveyed and anchored. Enthusiasm, joy and resilience shall be awakened and strengthened!


Positive Performance

2-day workshop for masters and team leaders.

Based on the principles of positive mindset, positive elements in leadership are taught and reinforced to increase the performance of the leader and the team. This can be a first step in the transition from management to leadership. Furthermore, explanations on what agility is and what it is not in practice are given in order to clarify myths and misconceptions about agility and to dispel concerns. The aim is to experience new things with enthusiasm!


Positive Leadership

The format is a two-day workshop for leaders.

Positive Leadership is based on positive mindset and positive performance and strengthens managers in their new roles. It teaches what transformational leadership and an agile mindset means and how the Both And concept can be used to combine management and leadership. In order to inspire and motivate employees for the transformation, managers experience how they can communicate objectives and visions with positive emotions. Inspiration and confidence are to be awakened!