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Positive Performance during a crisis?

Digitization, automation, and a shortage of specialists – are three exemplary buzzwords of a rapid and disruptive change that is moving people and companies. These changes create fears and uncertainties and partly challenge the traditional work environment.

How are you preparing your company, your division, and your employees for this?

Many companies are reacting to the change with the method-based introduction of agile New Work concepts, such as Scrum or self-organization. Unfortunately, many concepts do not get off the ground or progress slowly due to the lack of a dynamic mindset among employees.

Your benefit

HIKINGDAYS Positive Performance manages to develop seemingly contradictory goals simultaneously: exceptional corporate success, a high level of employee satisfaction and resulting in a unique attractiveness for employees.

  • People will be prepared for changes at an early stage
  • Creativity and innovative power are increased
  • Resilience and flexibility on a personal and corporate level get encouraged
  • Transformation and New Work are backed up by personality development
  • Cultural changes and change processes are supported
  • Individual approach and security through science and experience

Positive performers are attracted to the future, recognize contradiction as a source of development and act with determination and perseverance. Commitment, meaning and goal achievement cause people and thus companies to flourish.

Our approach and path

HIKINGDAYS Positive Performance is an unique leadership path that enables peak performance of each individual, teams and the entire organization through positive communication, enthusiasm, strengths orientation, attractive goals and sense of purpose. The secret of Positive Performance is the perception and promotion of positive elements in organizations.

In a full-day compact training, inputs of Positive Psychology, mental exercises, individual and group work as well as reflection and exchange of experiences are offered. These promote the development of an agile mindset as a basic prerequisite for personal and corporate success.

Some of the exercises take place outdoors to take advantage of the positive effects of nature!

A sound scientific basis in combination with lived business practice is taught, so that at the end the participants are familiar with tools and methods of Positive Performance and can implement them directly to their own company.