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Tasting fresh air

Why do many activities go more easily, more joyfully and more breezily in nature?

In nature, your problem decreases in size - which makes it easier to approach it. Fresh air stimulates your thoughts. The biophilia effect works down to the molecular level.

Nature has an impact and the best thing is: We don't pay a cent for it.

We consistently integrate nature as a stage in our development processes. We simply move the seminar sessions outdoors and go for a walk together as a group. Walking in the same direction has an unconscious effect and supports the effectiveness of your action.

This is how it works in practice: It is an interplay of being inside and being outside. Instead of a flip chart, there are small handouts. The interventions are choreographed to work optimally, especially in nature. Why are we doing all of this? In nature we are more relaxed and therefore more concentrated, open and creative. And on top of that, we are able to work longer.

If you now assume that we climb trees, abseil, build a boat or do competitive sports. We are sorry, that's not what it's going to look like. In our workshops everybody is included.