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To the point

Sustainability is the starting point

Since your and our time is sacred to us, there are already suggestions from our side at the beginning on how to achieve goals in a sustainable and effective way.

Does the following sound familiar to you? We go on retreat once a year. We write multi-page to-do lists. The flipcharts end up in the waste paper container during Christmas cleaning. We take out the flipchart protocol before the next retreat to realize upon review: "Wow, we talked about that!".

It also works differently. We believe in the power of development processes and know that it often takes more than just a workshop. We have developed a variety of add-ons to make your development process even better and more effective.

Right from the start, we show you ways in which implementation works effectively. Team reflections, peer groups or retrospectives with the leadership team help. We also accompany meetings live on site or Daily Standup's. With that your time and money is really well invested.