Positive Tourism and Hotel Industry

HIKINGSDAYS makes hotels, people and organizations more successful. 

By targeted application of Positive Elements, enthusiasm and joy, our clients achieve excellent results.

Positive Performance is a state-of-the-art concept for organizational leadership as well as one’s own personal values. It effectuates the flourishing of people and organizations through

Comprehensive application of Positive Elements

  • A focus on a positive future
  • Personal development, meaning and reaching of objectives
  • The result is a traceable enhancement of organizational success, employee satisfaction and the attractiveness of the organization.

The secret of success

  • Enthusiastic people impassion people
  • We combine our experiences from the hotel industry and innovative organizational development and enable a coherent step out of the box. 
  • Long-term success  through a shared and individual development process.
  • Jointly develop processes, management systems and culture with Positive Performance.
  • Security and better results for your organization through scientific methods.

We experience the effectiveness of this approach repeatedly in seminar hotels where we are guests. One of the most shining examples is the hotel manager Bodo Janssen. His ‘Upstalsboom Weg’ has proven that the principle ‘value through valuation’ is successful: Sales volume doubled in the course of three years! The award-winning short movie is very commendable:


We regard Positive Performance as an excellent basis for a general value-add for the hotel industry, beyond today’s challenges of profitability, capacity for innovation, shortage of skilled personnel and employee satisfaction. In order for the industry to be seen and recognized for what it really is, a wonderful métier based on the thought of making the world for everyone a little bit more pleasurable. Lastly, it is about people.