Positive Gallery

Together with your employees we get immersed in a 2-3 hours impulse workshop with topics such as Positive Performance, employee satisfaction, or Positive Leadership.

The HIKINGDAYS gallery reminds you of a vernissage and communicates the main topic in a relaxed atmosphere. The employees watch the individual pictures – though interactive co-creation the begin to work on individual key aspects.

Thus, a deeper understanding of the benefit and background of the topic is achieved. In order to make the knowledge applicable, participants define an implementation strategy for their daily action. 

“He, who has understood and does not act, has not understood!”

The HIKINGDAYS gallery is mobile, and can be conducted in meeting rooms, audience halls as well as outdoors. In small groups or with entire organization units: it is simply a question of organization.

     Keynotes are outdated - the HIKINGDAYS gallery is state-of-the-art.

      Excellence for people and organizations through fostering of Positive Elements!