Positive Coaching

Professional academic business coaching for individuals and teams.

We live Positive Performance, especially in business coaching. The benefit is the extension of systemic coaching by elements of our new science. With our proved techniques and instruments new options and effective solutions are found that support the implementation in everyday life. As clearly, actions speak louder than words!

Jaro Raiser

Relevant training: Systemic Coaching, Business Coaching, Mental and Intuition Trainer

Personal understanding of coaching: According to my experience there are two focal points: Figure out what is truly important to you in life and make it your creative work. Track your emotional development. This is the strongest energy towards  your full performance capacity.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all! (Helen Keller)

Kontakt: jaro@hikingdays.com  |  0676/391 5788

Stefanie Hoffmann

Relevant training: Systemic Coaching

Personal understanding of coaching: I am convinced that everyone has the competence to find his or her own solution thanks to personal experiences. With new impulses, I assist you to leave your habitual ways, to enhance your area of influence, to find new perspectives outside of your comfort zone and solutions that lead to achieving your objectives. 

To see clearly, it often suffices to change one's perspective. (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Kontakt: stefanie@hikingdays.com  |  0660/764 1050

Robert Kaltenbrunner

Relevant training: Systemic Coaching, Business Coaching, graduate Mental Trainer, Positive Performance and extensive experience in organizations- as employee, project leader and leader.

Personal understanding of coaching: It is all about perspective, regardless of the person, role or organization. My contribution is active listening, challenging of situations, contexts and personal beliefs. I add some inputs from the world of Positive Performance, little tools from Mental Training and from Positive Psychology as an impulse for workaday life. 

Nature has endowed humans with only one absolute power: The power of thought. And luckily this is the only thing we need.

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