Positive Change Management

Change in Motion

Change happens continuously and is an emotional topic. Let’s substitute change by consistent systemic thinking and acting. The advantage of this approach is an economic success oriented design. Personal responsibility, swift processes and clear rules of the game, beyond any off-the-shelf concepts, the elements of Change in Motion are directly applicable. 

Sample elements of the HIKINGDAYS approach

  • Change in Motion is the efficient interplay between proven methods of classic change management and systemic approaches and tools.
  • Change needs process design and not a presentation of content.
  • Shared creation of vision, objectives, scope and structures of the change process.
  • The focus is on shaping the future instead of analyzing the past – it saves time and energy! 
  • Enhancing of the personal possibilities of all participants.

Change in Motion means a conscious decision for new results – this is economical!

Excellence for people and organizations through fostering of Positive Elements!