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Know-How and Value Proposition work like this…

Innovative organizational development in times of digitization, agility and new forms of collaboration requires more than an off-the-shelf concept. 

Regardless if you need to solve an immediate task, enhance your productivity or performance – or if you want to introduce new organizational forms. For your successful implementation we will create your individual mix of Positive Performance, New Work concepts, Mindset & Mindfulness as well as the effects of Nature. 



For many years, we collaborate successfully with organizations and groups of different sizes, industries and countries. Confidentiality is our basis for collaboration and a question of attitude. 

Are you interested in a reference in order to be convinced about our effectiveness? If so, we are happy to provide you with a reference that fits your task. No Logo! We recommend a conversation with a person who has worked with us directly.  

Mindset Performance Measurement

Exclusive. Unique. Scientific. Mindset Performance Measurement is the first ever evaluation of psychological success factors and well-being (PERMA) as well as attitudes and mindset within the work context based on scientifically proven standards and criteria.

What are the advantages of Mindset Performance Measurement?

Realization of potentials in your organization by assessment of psychological success factors

Interventions of a development process are evaluated on a regular basis and tested for effectiveness

Based on the results your organizational development process can be effectively monitored and steered, it is more efficient and effective

The result can be used as guideposts for the development of effective employee development measures

Mindset Performance is a product  of HIKINGSDAYS and the Institute for Positive Psychology and Mental Coaching (IPPM). 

The Mindset Workshop

Many enterprises react to changing conditions by implementing tool based agile New Work concepts. However, in order to enfold their full potential, there is a requirement for people who act with a dynamic mindset in an agile way and do it with confidence.

In short: There is a requirement for a new attitude. How does your organization prepare its employees for it? 

Take advantage of the Mindset Workshop: A three-part fitness program for employees, leaders or whole teams.

  • Prepare people for change early on
  • Support transformation and New Work through personality development  
  • Accompany cultural change and change processes effectively
  • Resilience and flexibility on a personal and organizational level
  • Enhance creativity and innovative capacity

Unfold personal potentials

In the scope of innovative organizational development there is a need for a starting point at a personal level, something concrete. So that people can understand development more easily.

In this context, we focus on tried and tested methods, such as the Reiss Profile.

With key people we use the I-E-Profile.

Successfully implementing advancement and growth 

Growth and advancement of organizations and the implementation of New Work concepts require a stable foundation if they are to unfold their full potential. 

Practice indicates: Projects that aim to provide structure or unfold potential, such as implementation of Agile, Lean Management, Scrum or CIP, will only be successful in the longer-term, if they are accompanied by cultural development. Leadership behavior and an effective mind shift are of key importance. Positive Performance is the basis and the admission ticket to your new working environment.

Positive Performance is based on ...

... the young science of Positive Psychology. A central element is the PERMA model. It stands for...

  • Positive Emotions
  • Engagement
  • Relations
  • Meaning
  • Accomplishment 

Development of PERMA factors enhances wellbeing and resilience of employees and leads to an increase in success, productivity and creativity. 


Positive Performance is...

… a state-of-the-art concept of organizational leadership as well as one’s own personal values

It allows for comprehensive and sustainable success through...

  • Fostering of Positive Elements 
  • The force of attraction of a successful future
  • Effective and decisive action
  • Personal development, meaning, enthusiasm and achieving of targets

Positive Performance concurrently enhances profitability, employee satisfaction and the attractiveness of your organization.

Excellence for people and organizations through development of Positive Elements

HIKINGDAYS make organizations and people more successful with Positive Performance. By targeted application of Positive Elements, enthusiasm and joy as well as an effective mind shift our clients achieve excellent results. For our clients we combined organizational development with

  • Positive Performance
  • New Work concepts
  • Mindset and Mindful Performance
  • Systemic approach
  • Mental training
  • Effects of Nature

Your team

We are individual specialists we a strong common base: Positive Psychology, systemic approach, mental and intuition training and lots of experience with a large variety of organizations.

Why is NOW the right moment for organizational development?

In times of advancing digitization and automation differentiators such as productivity and efficiency disappear progressively. Efficient production processes or optimally designed supply chains will no longer determine the success of an organization. It is the human factor that makes the difference, today and in the future.

In a longer term, two strategically relevant areas remain for organizations to be successful in the market place: Their capacity for innovation and their employees’ capacity for empathy - to create new products and business models and to provide excellence in customer experience.

Is your industry affected by this development? If so, now is the right moment to be active and make your organization fir for the future. Positive Performance assists you in developing these strategically important capabilities and accompanies you in a successful transformation.

Join us in your new working environment.

Positive Performance as a trailblazer for New Work concepts

The classical concepts of work and hierarchy are increasingly reaching their limits. The past objective of stability does no longer meet the requirements of our present time’s agility.   Science based Positive Performance prepares people and organizations for the concepts of the future. 

Cooperative leadership, agile concepts and holacracy, evolutionary / responsive organizational forms, self-organization, scrum, collaboration, sociocracy, no matter where your organization is headed, Positive Performance is the perfect preparation for your next successful steps.

Mindful Performance

Mindful Performance is an innovative developmental concept. It start with individual thinking and behavioral patterns of employees and thus makes people and organizations more successful. It is the entrance card to your new work environment and strengthens the organization from within, without needing extensive organizational development or reorganization processes.

The targeted change of your attitude, ways of thinking and your behaviors effectuates…

  • Realization of potentials and improved performance
  • Openness towards change
  • Creativity and solution orientation
  • Trust in and identification with the organization.